Ad Hoc Art is a dynamic community arts hub, celebrating amazing local art and sharing it with the people to create a positive impact on the Twin Cities and all people involved.  We’re laughing the entire time.


About us:

We believe we all play a role in making our city and our lives more beautiful.  We believe in the power of creativity and a sense of humor.  We believe art is meant to be fun.

We’ve created a pop-up gallery in the heart of downtown Minneapolis (88 S 10th St) for the summer, bringing artists together in a central location to connect them with as many people as possible.  Our goal is to help highlight local artists and bolster our city’s already vibrant arts community.  All profits beyond expenses go back to the artists.

We’re here now but soon we’ll be gone.  We’re something of a heatstroke with the onset of September marking our closure.  With such a short lifespan, we want to keep things vibrant with a constant stream of new art.  Bi-weekly, we’ll host events with new local artists, local music, food, and interactive art exhibits.  It’s a party.  No pretension or suits required.




Tues-Thurs 11-7; Fri 11-9; Sat 5-9; Sun 10-2

Events every 2 weeks: 7/20; 8/3; 8/17; 8/31-9/1 (final weekend!)



88 S 10th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403



Why not?!  Because we can!  Because we should.



e: adhocartmpls@gmail.com

p: 612.206.6820