Details about showing your art:

  • Opening 6/22; Events every 2 weeks through 9/1
    • Art Display:  Art accepted on rolling submission and will be displayed in rotating, curated shows
      • Any form or style of art will be considered
      • New art brought in every 2 weeks and will both be featured in front rooms of gallery, as well as displayed salon-style in other rooms
      • After 2 weeks, art will either be taken down or rotated to different area of gallery pending sales
  • Submission Timing: Submissions must be received at least 10 days prior to show
    • Submissions for grand opening must be in by June 12th
  • Acceptance/Exhibition Timing: Artist will be notified of acceptance within one week of submission
    • Specific exhibition date may be communicated as TBD initially based on other submissions.  Exact date to be communicated at least one week prior to showing.
  • Delivery: Artist responsible for delivery.  Art can be delivered 10-8 Sat, 10-3 Sun, or 11-8 Tues-Thurs week prior to show.  Will try to accommodate special times if necessary.
  • Pickup: Gallery will inform artist upon end of showing.  Artist must pickup art within one week, same hours as delivery.
  • Art Install:  Work must be installation ready with directions included if necessary.  Work can be unframed but must be explicit on how to hang without damaging work.
  • Promote yourself
    • Would like you to display business cards/name/etc, hopefully encouraging the potential for relationships with patrons and longer-term relationships

Other nitty-gritty details:

  • 30% commissionto fund lease/expenses
    • If fundraising or sales exceed expenses, money will be distributed back to artists based on amount paid for commission
    • Inventory:  All works will be inventoried upon drop-off; both artist and gallery will retain signed copy of list.
    • Payment:  Artist will be reimbursed within 30 days of end of exhibition
      • Sales tax will be charged on sale; artist will be responsible for income tax on his/her portion of proceeds
      • Insurance:  Gallery will have standard insurance for art.  Please email if needing exact details.


Questions/Suggestions?  Please let me know (e: